Trekking in Nepal

Nepal offers unparalleled varieties of landscapes with most unique diversity from the land area below sea level to 8 of the highest mountains in the world. Nepal is also rich in unique traditions and cultures where mountain people adapt to high altitudes whose lifestyle, religious practices are different from those who live in valley region. However, Nepal is astonishing for its dominance of sacred and spiritual sites all around the country with lots of powerful spiritual sources.

So to witness all the greatness of Nepal, you must do trekking which is one of the most popular activities in Nepal to experience the culturally rich country. Nepal offers huge varieties of trekking for the people of many ages from single day trekking to one-month long trekking with average 5-6 hours walk a day. During the trekking in Nepal, you will enjoy the iconic white peaks touching the sky, peaceful meditation of monks in monasteries and the unique diversity of lifestyle. There is no doubt when you experience the beauty of Nepal, you will fall in love giving you immense pleasure and spiritual relaxation.

Best Season to trek in Nepal:

Trekking in Nepal possible all over the year, however, there is two main seasons which is best for trek; spring and autumn. In Nepal, the spring occurs from March to April whereas autumn occurs from September to October. Both seasons are most favorable to do trekking in Nepal as they offer clear weather with some typical Nepali holidays. In spring you can enjoy the festivals like Shivaratri and Holi whereas, during autumn you can enjoy great festival Dashain and Tihar.

Himalayan weathers are unpredictable and variable and even you will find temperature getting hot to cold on every trail during the trek. At 4,000 meters, clouds move at over 100 km per hour. So predicting the weather is so difficult.

Please keep in mind that during this season, there are lots of trekker in mountain and it would be so difficult to find the accommodation in the Himalayas. Even if you found, it will cost you more. So it is better to do plan your trekking earlier.

Trekking in Nepal cost:

The cost for trekking in Nepal varies a lot and completely depends on the types, services, transportation, accommodation, etc you choose during the trek. The basic expenses during the trek in mountain require at least 70$ per day which also depends on the region of the trek. If you are solo trekker then the minimum cost may rise to 90$ per day as accommodation for single person or double person cost nearly same.

Trek with us:

Planning to go Nepal for trekking incoming holidays? And you don't know what to do and where to go, then don't worry we have all kinds of trekking and travel plan for you to satisfy all your needs to make your holidays in Nepal memorable. Nepal being the destination for trekkers around the world offers most spectacular trekking routes and trials which make you feel like you are in heaven.

Junket Nepal trekking itinerary is highly standard which take proper account of acclimatization with average 4-6 hour trek in a day. However, the itinerary can be flexible to customize entirely to meet your demands. We also provide free trekking maps any trekking package booked with us and guarantees special discounts for group booking and 100% departure date on all custom packages.

Don't worry customizing the itinerary for your trip to Nepal is completely free. Contact us anytime to customize the itinerary according to your need. 

Here is the list of all trekking destinations in Nepal

Here we have best-collected trekking destinations in Nepal with maximum standard itineraries. We can also customize the every package trekking according to your need to fulfill your dream to visit all the place in Nepal.

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